admissions & enrollment


  • two - three days per week


  • four - five days per week


(children aged fifteen months to thirty-six months)

  • caterpillar care ® provides a seasonally changing menu via whole foods lincoln park. (allergy specific, vegetarian, & vegan options are available at no additional cost).

  • client provides diapers


(children aged six weeks to fourteen months)

  • client provides milk/formula

  • client provides baby food & snacks

  • client provides diapers


our process

  1. get in touch: make an inquiry below. please allow us time to respond. we're really busy!

  2. get informed: we'll send you a personalized email containing rates, and all the additional information you'll need to know helping you make an informed decision.

  3. take a tour: we'll take you on a tour of your preferred location where you can explore the space and meet our lovely staff.

  4. apply: don't worry, we'll help you fill out your application. it's simple simply because we love trees.

  5. day one: your little caterpillar and/or butterfly joins the family : )


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