we are sincere.

we believe in good intentions, followed by actions in practice.

like mother or father, we love with all our heart.

our caterpillars & butterflies begin life's journey learning to trust their care takers through affection, interaction, & socialization.

this phase of your child's life is a time to teach them how to build meaningful bonds.

furthermore, we hold a firm belief that a child's environment plays a vital role in their upbringing, so we designed our day care centers to mimic the wonder of a whimsically enchanted forest.  our centers are a reflection of today's modern home, enriching  the lives of our little ones in a calming & natural approach.

"design provides comfort in our surroundings, therefore it's important that the color in our day care centers come from the toys and not our walls." - sharif nassr | founder & ceo

it's no secret children learn through experience & play, each at their own pace, so we provide our bundles of joy with daily activities to challenge them at their own pace.

our weekly curriculum is designed to engage & stimulate our caterpillars & butterflies, while allowing them the opportunity to express their individuality.  at caterpillar care ®, we celebrate diversity!

the world is a beautiful place.  we want your baby to explore, learn, & transform as they learn to grow into their wings.  

we want to see your butterfly fly gracefully into the next chapter of their fairytale adventure.

it's our job to keep your loved ones safe while you're away, and we're honored to take on this responsibility.